Rita and Charles’ Love Journey

22nd Jan 2020

“real names changed for privacy protection.”

Rita: I’m choosing to share my story with the MySpec community so new users of the app can understand the uniqueness and credibility of the service. I’ve used a couple of dating apps and been to a few speed dating events in the past but they never quite worked out for me. Some of them had more irresponsible guys looking to find desperate girls they can take advantage of.

Charles: I’d been single for about 2 years after my last break when and was really looking to settle down when a friend told me about the MySpec dating service. With my work schedule and constant trips, it was hard to find the time to meet and connect with new people I was actually interested in, so I thought, why not? I was introduced to the CEO, Tara Bada, she asked a couple of questions it almost felt like a job interview. Lol. It was all part of the screening process though

Rita: When I heard about the MySpec service, I decided to give it a try. I went through the screening phase but didn’t get a slot until after 2 months. Their speed dating mixers was always filled ahead of time. When I finally got notified that I could attend the June mixer, I was actually happy to see what it was about them that makes them so booked all the time.

Charles: I was slotted for June which happened to be a convenient time for me. My first match was with Rita. And after the first 3 minutes of talking with her, I really wasn’t interested in talking to anyone else. She was so energetic, so full of life and had that aura about her that could just draw anyone in. It was as though Tara had taken the specifications I described to her and printed out a real life lady with it.

Rita: Charles was..., well, obviously handsome. But he was so gentlemanly. So soft-spoken. Traits you don’t see in a lot of guys these days with their craze for toxic masculinity. I was instantly attracted to him. He was my first match and I had two others I wanted to talk to but every time the conversation was about to end so I could leave, he would say something else to keep me and kept having these frequent bursts of laughter as though we had known since High School. I would say we connected instantly. And he didn’t waste anytime in asking for another date.

Charles: I was due to travel out of Lagos in two weeks and I wanted to know her more before leaving so I made sure we had at least 2 more dates after that. We kept in touch even while I was away.

Question: So When did you figure out that he/she was the one?

Rita: I think I sort of just knew, in those first few days that he was going to be the one. He was just different. Sure we had a few ups and downs, but still. Charles: When I returned from that first trip convinced that her personality would probably have changed but it turned out she wasn’t faking it at all. I definitely want to spend my life with her.

Rita: We got engaged about 10 months after and our wedding is in 3 months time.

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